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  • Salaar Trailer breaking, Salaar Trailer reports, prabhas fans disappointed with salaar trailer, Prashanth neel

    Prabhas' fans disappointed with Salaar Trailer 2023-12-02 11:32:45

    Salaar, set to be released in December, is highly anticipated among the upcoming films. The recently unveiled trailer has garnered mixed reactions. However, it did not meet the expectations due to its heavy emphasis on drama rather than action. Although...

    Keywords: Salaar Trailer review, Salaar Trailer talk, Prabhas, Prashanth Neel

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    Prashanth Neel, Salaar runtime, prabhas salaar to have a lengthy runtime, Prashanth neel

    Prabhas' Salaar to have a Lengthy Runtime 2023-12-09 14:51:10

    Prabhas is gearing up for his next venture, Salaar, a thrilling action-packed film helmed by Prashanth Neel. Following the completion of all the necessary censor formalities, the film's final runtime has been confirmed to be 2 hours and 55 minutes....

    Keywords: Salaar length, Salaar, Salaar censored, Salaar release date

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    NTR and Prashanth Neel breaking news, NTR and Prashanth Neel movie news, ntr and prashanth neel film pushed, Prashanth neel

    NTR and Prashanth Neel Film Pushed? 2024-01-20 11:07:48

    As per the current situation, Prabhas is eager to begin filming the sequel to "Salaar" within this year. Prashanth Neel, the director, is currently focused on developing the script for the sequel and plans to start production in the near...

    Keywords: NTR and Prashanth Neel combo, NTR, NTR and Prashanth Neel new updates, Prashanth Neel

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    Salaar Action Trailer out, Salaar Action Trailer breaking updates, salaar action trailer is packed with action, Prashanth neel

    Salaar Action Trailer is packed with Action 2023-12-19 09:49:55

    With a gripping teaser that left fans on the edge of their seats, the excitement for Prabhas' upcoming film Salaar: Part 1 - Ceasefire has skyrocketed. The film's new action trailer, titled 'The Final Punch,' has only added fuel to...

    Keywords: Shruti Haasan, Salaar Action Trailer latest updates, Salaar Action Trailer talk, Salaar Action Trailer news

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    Salaar Movie Tweets, Salaar review, salaar movie review rating story cast and crew, Prashanth neel

    Salaar Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew 2023-12-22 13:39:28

    Unaware of the impending danger to her life, Aadya arrives in India only to be saved by Devaratha, a simple man residing with his mother in a remote region of Assam. Meanwhile, a pursuit ensues as a group of individuals,...

    Keywords: Prabhas Salaar movie review, Salaar Movie Tweets, Salaar movie review and rating, Prabhas Salaar movie review

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    Salaar release, Prabhas, no prabhas for salaar promotions, Prashanth neel

    No Prabhas for Salaar Promotions 2023-12-12 07:13:50

    With its release just around the corner on December 22nd, Salaar is gearing up for its much-anticipated arrival on the silver screen. Despite the film's immense expectations, the team has yet to commence its promotional activities. While fans eagerly await...

    Keywords: Salaar theatrical business, Prabhas Salaar, Shruti Haasan, Salaar business

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