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  • Venkatesh Saindhav movie review, Saindhav movie rating, saindhav movie review rating story cast and crew, Emotional support

    Saindhav Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew 2024-01-13 12:30:46

    Saindhav (Venkatesh) serves as a crane operator at Chandraprastha Port. His daughter, Gayathri, holds the utmost importance in his life. Unfortunately, Saindhav's world shatters when he discovers that Gayathri is afflicted with a rare condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)....

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    Mumbai, NRI, nri sisters sell nuts to aid cancer patients in mumbai, Emotional support

    NRI Sisters Sell Nuts to Aid Cancer Patients in Mumbai 2018-07-19 06:51:41

    Dubai-settled teenage sisters have been selling packaged nuts for a year now in order to raise money to aid children suffering from cancer and assist them with finer care at Mumbai's Tata Memorial Hospital.Till date, their endeavor has provided 1500+...

    Keywords: Mumbai, Mumbai, Mehr Bhatia, Shenaya Bhatia

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    NRI Parents Association, traveling, nri parents association, Emotional support

    NRI Parents Association 2013-09-30 08:49:45

    The NRI Parents Association (NRIPA) is a voluntary, non-profit, Karnataka registered association that has about 175 members. It was launched on 1st January, 1998 and aims to address issues concerning parents of NRIs. Regular meetings are held where general topics...

    Keywords: nri parents, NRI Parents Association, NRI Parents Association, traveling

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    Depression, tips to deal with depression, simple tips to deal with depression, Emotional support

    Simple Tips To Deal With Depression 2015-09-03 11:42:28

    Depression is something that is needed to be attended on an emergency. It cannot be neglected as a simple mood swing. It evolves to become a dangerous and dreadful disease ruining beautiful lives. It is definitely tough to deal with...

    Keywords: stress, Depression, Depression, Depression

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    causes of suicide, why to people commit suicide, world suicide prevention day 7 causes of suicide you didn t know, Emotional support

    World Suicide Prevention Day: 7 Causes of Suicide You Didn’t Know 2019-09-10 09:45:17

    September 10 is observed as World Suicide Prevention Day across the globe every year in order to provide commitment and action to prevent suicides. Every day we light upon a number of suicidal deaths but every time we pay little...

    Keywords: world mental health day 2019, suicide prevention day 2017 theme, when is World Suicide Prevention Day, causes of suicide

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    Difference Between Flirting and Cheating, signs of a cheating boyfriend in a relationship, difference between flirting and cheating 8 signs that you have crossed the limit, Emotional support

    Difference Between Flirting and Cheating: 8 Signs That You Have Crossed the Limit 2019-07-17 12:42:48

    When in a relationship, healthy flirting with some other person is all right. Though at times your flirting seems like a harmless one, it is a slippery slope and you never know when you slip. From time to time, that...

    Keywords: signs of cheating girlfriend, signs that you are not flirting, when does flirting cross the line, what is flirting

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