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  • Delhi Amendment Bill passed, Delhi Amendment Bill news, delhi amendment bill passed in lok sabha, Congress

    Delhi Amendment Bill Passed in Lok Sabha 2023-08-04 13:04:35

    On Thursday, Lok Sabha passed the amendment bill of the controversial Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi amendment bill (2023). This bill will give all powers to the central government regarding the transfers and postings of the officers in...

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    Malaysia for Indians visa, Malaysia for Indians news, malaysia turns visa free for indians, Congress

    Malaysia turns visa-free for Indians 2023-11-28 08:08:36

    During his address at the annual congress of his People's Justice Party, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim of Malaysia unveiled a significant policy change regarding entry visas for Chinese and Indian citizens. Effective December 1st, Malaysia will no longer require entry...

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    Maine Shooting, Maine Shooting breaking news, maine shooting more than 22 dead in lewiston city, Congress

    Maine Shooting: More than 22 dead in Lewiston City 2023-10-26 09:34:24

    The gun culture has been impacting the citizens in USA badly. The episodes are reported on a weekly basis across the nation. In a shocking incident, more than 22 people have been gunned down in Lewiston City in Maine. As...

    Keywords: Maine Shooting breaking news, Maine Shooting deaths, Maine Shooting visuals, Lewiston City Shootings

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    Texas Road accident, Texas Road accident breaking, texas road accident six telugu people dead, Congress

    Texas Road accident: Six Telugu people Dead 2023-12-27 13:52:42

    In a tragic incident that occurred on Wednesday, six individuals, including five members of a family from Andhra Pradesh, lost their lives in a head-on collision between a pickup truck and a minivan on U.S. Highway 67 in Texas, United...

    Keywords: Texas Road accident names, Texas Road accident deaths, Texas Road accident breaking news, Texas Road accident breaking updates

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    Republicans Vs Congress, FBI, us government to shut down on oct 1st, Congress

    US government to shut down on Oct 1st? 2023-09-29 14:21:06

    US government services go shut down on the 1st of October if US Congress fails to provide funding for the fiscal year. Thousands of federal workers would participate in it, but still, many government agencies have not updated about the...

    Keywords: US government, FBI, FBI, Federal agencies shutdown

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    BJP for country name change, BJP for country name change, india s name to be replaced with bharat, Congress

    India's name to be replaced with Bharat? 2023-09-06 08:12:33

    Article 1 of the Constitution uses two names, India, that was Bharat, shall be a union of states. But now there is strong speculation that the country name India will be changed to Bharat. Even the Reserve Bank of India...

    Keywords: Narendra Modi G20 invitations, India name change, Bharat - India, Narendra Modi G20 invitations

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