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October 31, 2014 13:47
Without Going Broke},{Without Going Broke

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Moving in together is a big relationship milestone. Huge. But avoid things to happens wrong, so to avoid that here some tips how to go peacefully.

It’s time to fill your partner in on your finances. Share information on your salary, student loans, and fruit-of-the-month subscription. Once you understand what you both earn and owe on a monthly basis, you’ll be able to budget so that your next move isn’t into the poor house.

If your partner is hungry feed him/her, if he/she is thirsty give him/her water, and that way he/she will feel that you care for them regardless of the present circumstances. You need to forgive him/her and forget in order for you to heal, try it.

Do you want to live in a chic neighborhood, or does having more space matter to you? Talking through what you’re willing to spend money on and what you’re willing to sacrifice will make the move so much easier for both of you.

Both of you should talk about what might happen if the cohabitation doesn’t work out. Will one of you be able to afford the rent alone? Will you both keep the furniture and household items you brought in, or will they become communal?the only thing worse than coping with a breakup is adding logistical stress to it.

We needed to learn to bend a little for each other. Patience and consideration. I think we still need to work on it sometimes,but overall it's been wonderful.

Probably the hardest thing from living with you have to learn that communicating about your expectations for each other. Like what time dinner should be generally, what each of us preferred to clean, where we needed to unwind, etc.learning is not enought but you should know.

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