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October 22, 2014 11:01
Make more and more love},{Make more and more love

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We always think about our relationships, taltk about our relationships and our relationship status but we forget for after what we are for? With confusion we say that, need of relationship and we live craving that we never get satified for which we are hungry for (love), but its wrong here tips which can clear miss understanding of our devil mind.....!

Be specific what you want to recive from other person and willing to give it too,“I’d love to receive more affection and intimacy” or “I’d love to receive more companionship and closeness.”

But it is has to be remeber enegy how saying these words invokes the energy of the L-O-V-E right focus on love not on relationship.

If something isn’t working for you, find what’s first not working with then journaling on the question“What do I really need right now? To feel loved? To be happy? To be healthy? To feel safe and secure? To feel seen?” Then after you get all that information from yourself, make a promise to yourself to make sure you receive the love you belive that every relationship statrts with relationship you have with yourself.

Not getting the love you need? Then Be a Love Generator and make love for yourself. Don’t wait to receive love from someone else you have the power to create it right now for yourself and let love in when it shows up at your heart’s doorstep!

However one wont understand that decide if the one we have is really the one we want!

Aw: Arun kumar

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