Things to have good relationshipLove & Romance Tips

August 12, 2013 09:38
Things to have good relationship

Are you having healthy and good relationship, if not here are some tips for maintaine good and better relationship. I hope these will help to keep meaningful relation in both happy and sad times.

What is a healthy relationship?

Working together, a relationship should maintain peaceful by working together, involved with communication decrease the distance. There should be connection while talking about something important, understanding is a must.

Talk things quietly, the clash of talking between the couples takes place due to difference in raise of voices, it is better to communicate quietly, then the voices will not be passionately disagree. You need to be safe to express things that bother you without fear of retaliation, be able to resolve the conflict without humiliation.

Pressure on a relationship, out side relationships may put a lot of pressure on a relationship. Social network friends and others brings new insights and stimulation to the relationship. Dont expect too much that that will not be healthy relationship.

Communication, It is key part of relationship, people fell comfortable expressing their needs, fears, and desires. Body language like eye contact, leaning forward or away, touching arm are critical to communication.

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