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September 09, 2019 07:14
Dating App Users May Suffer from Loneliness, Social Anxiety: Study

You might install a dating application on your mobile to find a partner but it may eventually lead to loneliness and social anxiety, a recent study says.

The study, published in the journal of Social and Personal Relationships, also says people who fit that profile are likewise probable to witness negative outcomes owing to their dating app use.

Kathryn Coduto, lead author of the study from The Ohio State University, said, "It's not just that they're using their phone a lot, we had participants who said they were missing school or work, or getting in trouble in classes or at work because they kept checking the dating apps on their phones."

Coduto added, "I've seen people who use dating apps compulsively. They take their phones out when they're at dinner with friends or when they're in groups. They really can't stop swiping."

The survey was carried on 269 undergraduate students who are into using one or more dating applications in their mobile. The participants’ were asked questions designed to measure their loneliness and social anxiety. For an instant, they were asked if they were constantly nervous around other people.

The irresistible use of dating apps by participants was measured by asking how much they agreed with statements like "I am unable to reduce the amount of time I spend on dating apps."

Negative outcomes like missing work and class or getting in trouble due to their use of mobile were also reported.

Socially anxious participants preferred to meet and talk to potential dating partners online rather than in person, study says.

They tended to agree with statements like "I am more confident socializing on dating apps than offline."

Coduto said, "People need to be aware of their dating app use and consider whether they have a problem. If they have trouble setting limits for themselves, they can use apps that restrict dating app use to certain times of the day or to a set amount of time each day."

"Especially if you're lonely, be careful in your choices. Regulate and be selective in your use," she added.

As per figures, there are 40 million Americans, who are ranging from young to old, using online dating apps.

By Sowmya Sangam

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