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October 14, 2019 08:38
7 Unusual Ways Technology Is Making Us Less Human

Technology has become an integral part in our lives and there’s nothing we can do about it. With so many available options from the smartphones to the laptops, we are either hooked or need constant connectivity with it to get our life on. With so many constraints already hiking through, it isn’t surprising at all that more and more people are finding it hard to be human with the kind of influence the technology has on our life.

But, what many people don’t realize is the fact that technology is actually making us “less human” than what we actually are. That has got to say for something, right? But, how?

Rewiring our brain

Our brain is made up of multiple neural connections which help contribute to our cognition and better understanding of the things in our surroundings. But, with the multitasking activities that we are indulging in constantly, the same is contributing to rewiring our brain to an extent. The constant stimuli that we get from the phone calls, messages and the technology in general is enhancing the release of dopamine in our brains, further contributing to rewiring the already existing neural connections in our brains.

Disrupting communication

We are so wired in with the technology and such that the same is ending up being a primary contributor to the lack of human communication. Texting and face time calls are making up for the lack of communication we are indulging in. More and more people are glued to their smartphones majority of the day and will end up reducing how less often people actually communicate with people. People nowadays will rather greet or even be angry at someone with the use of technology rather than confronting them face to face.

Inducing isolation

We have thousands of facebook friends and even more followers on Instagram but the same doesn’t compare to the actual human friends and interaction that people need around. This is one of the reasons why people are starting to feel more isolated than before, making it harder for them to confess and talk to people one on one. Even though technology is helping you meet new people and make friends, majority of them are virtual, thus making it hard for them to maintain human contact all through this time.

Enhancing procrastination

When it does come around to the tales of procrastination, the options and the situations around this are constantly getting worse over time. This is what is making it a tough job to maintain situations around. Even surveys and studies are showing that technology is becoming one of the most common problem related to the prospect of procrastination. More and more people are lazying around, trying to push aside the priorities to rather spend a bit more time on the technology that they are hooked to.

Affecting our sleep cycle

When it comes to technology making us less human, the most common and important impact that it has is on the sleeping cycle. Not only is it making it tougher for people to get quality sleep, the same is also ending up making it hard for people to have a steady circadian rhythm, further affecting the overall well being of the individuals. Staying awake at night with the movies and the phones is one of the primary reasons behind this condition which does need immediate changes without further thoughts.

Lack of affection in relationships

Relationships are budding around with this but at the same time, it is affecting how well we manage with our them. Technology is making it quite tough to manage through the issues that one face around with the kind of communication we have in a relationship. The same is affecting the prospect of the way people manage their relationships as well, so that is definitely a given impact that they are struggling to keep up with. Our brains are being negatively impacted with the prospects of not being able to create a diversion between what is important in a relationship and what isn’t.

Lack of memory

Technology is gravely affecting our memory which is one of the primary reasons why it is necessary at the moment to focus on the prospects of detaching yourself from the constant attachment to the technology and find better ways to manage through with the memory lapses that we are experiencing. Since we are so worked up with the bout of notifications and multitasking in general, the same is ending up affecting one’s overall cognition, making us less human through the process.

In order to gain back control on one’s life, it is actually very important that one detaches and detoxifies their mind from technology from time to time. More than anything, this is a necessity that majority of the people aren’t even aware of.

By Somapika Dutta

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