How To Identify Unresolved Conflicts?Marriage and Relationships

December 18, 2023 09:28
How To Identify Unresolved Conflicts?

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Conflicts are an inevitable part of relationships, whether they be familial, romantic, or otherwise. Contrary to popular belief, healthy discussions are crucial for relationships as they bring different perspectives to the forefront. It is important to engage in discussions and find compromises after conflict resolution. Without this, there is a risk of harboring bitterness, which can result in a gradual disconnection in the relationship.

In a recent Instagram post, relationship advisor Julia Woods emphasized that the problem lies not in the conflicts themselves, but in the failure to effectively resolve them in order to foster growth and connection within relationships. She stated, "Have you ever considered that conflicts with your partner are not the issue? The issue is simply not knowing how to reconcile those conflicts in a way that promotes growth and connection between you." Here are some signs to look out for:

Surrounded by Negative Emotions: It is normal to feel negative emotions after a disagreement or argument with your partner. However, if you find it difficult to let go of these negative emotions after the conflict, it indicates a lack of successful reconciliation, which hinders the development of a healthy relationship.

Confusion: After a conflict, it is common for people to feel confused about how to address the situation and what actually went wrong.

Focusing on the Negative: Typically, individuals tend to fixate on their partner's words or actions following a disagreement. However, it is more advantageous to redirect this focus towards one's own actions and responses during conversations with their partner. Taking a step back to reflect on one's own words and behaviors allows for recognition and ownership of any mistakes that may have caused harm to their spouse.

Rehashing Past Disputes: When addressing present conflicts by bringing up past issues, it is a sign that previous disagreements were not resolved to satisfaction and that they continue to linger. To maintain a healthy relationship, it is essential to address these issues from the beginning, starting afresh. This approach ensures a fresh start and fosters a positive connection with one's significant other.

Embracing New Opportunities: After overcoming a conflict, many individuals may lose hope and enthusiasm for anything new that comes their way. Instead, it is recommended to embrace the potential of the relationship and actively seek out new experiences. By doing so, one can avoid falling into a monotonous routine and inject excitement and growth into the partnership.

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