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January 28, 2021 13:43
Best Rom-coms to watch with your partner during the pandemic

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The season for love is almost upon us. However, it might not be possible to do the outdoor activities you might have wanted to do because of the pandemic. But the pandemic has not stopped us from organising a cute movie watching marathon this Valentine’s day. Here are 14 Hollywood romantic comedy movies for you and your partner to enjoy together this Valentine’s season:

1. Clueless

This 90’s aesthetic movie is about a high school girl who is extremely rich and begins to fall for her stepbrother Josh. She tackles day to day situations in the most funny manner possible. Although the movie was released around 30 years ago, it is still prevailing till today. The main character, Cher’s outfits and dialogues are really worth watching and having a good laugh over. This movie inspired many fashion outfits and music videos.

2. 13 going on 30

Have you ever wished to know what your future would look like? This movie gives you a peak on that wish. Jenna Rink, the main character is constantly bullied as a kid. On her birthday when the bullies come to her house, she wishes that she could be 30 and not 13. When she opens her eyes she is actually 30 years old! Following on how she deals with her life and moves on makes this movie a pleasant romantic comedy. This 2004 movie actually inspired many 2000’s aesthetic fans and was also used as an inspiration for music videos including Ariana Grande’s iconic Thank you Next music video.

3. Pillow Talk

This 1959 movie is about a duo fighting over their party line and which one should be on it. However, the duo, Brad and Jan fall for each other but only for Jan to be tricked by Brad’s alter ego Rex. This movie might be complicated to explain but the movie is definitely a must watch for this genre. It also tackles some important issues of today and portrays love in a very realistic way, making it a totally wholesome movie.

4. Something’s gotta give

Starring the iconic Keanu Reeves, Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson, this movie is far from action. This movie is a story about a womanizer named Harry who suffers from a heart attack at his young girlfriend’s mother Erica’s house and ends up falling for the mother. However, Erica’s mother is dating Erica’s boyfriend’s doctor, Julian. However, Erica falls for Julian! This confusing love triangle is actually more fun and dramatic than it sounds. Apart from the cast, this movie should be a must watch on everyone’s list.

5. P.S I love you

Need a good movie to make you laugh and cry? Then this 2007 movie is the one for you. His movie is about a young widow who struggles to find herself again and takes the help of 10 letters that her late husband, Gerry had left for her before he passed away. This movie speaks a lot about friendship, love and relationships and is a very wholesome movie.

6. Not Another Teenage Movie

One of the most hilarious movies on the list, Not Another Teenage Movie is about a popular Jock in school who wants to take a girl who is considered “ugly” in her school to the prom to win a bet with a friend. This movie is a satire for all teenage movies and portrays them subtly and perfectly. This movie will make you fall on the floor laughing. The star studded cast and their serious faces during hilarious moments makes this movie even more better than it is. This should be a definite watch for everyone who is exploring the rom-com genre. It is definitely in the top of the list for this genre.

7. The Perfect Man

Starring Hollywood sweetheart Hilary Duff, this movie is the quintessential rom-com from the early 2000’s. This movie is about Holly, a regular teenager who wants to make her mom believe in love and the perfect man after pretending to be her secret admirer and send her emails. It also shows Holly falling in love with a love guru who she takes advice from and is a possible romantic interest. The twist, turns and the beautiful realisations are what makes this movie worth watching.

8. While you were sleeping

Although we have said this for almost every movie, this one is a definite must watch movie. After a Chicago Transit Authority token collector, Lucy is mistaken for the fiancee for a coma patient, Peter who she sees almost every day at her job. However, she falls for Peter’s brother Jack. The movie shows how she deals with his family amid her lies. This movie is very funny and will keep you on your toes at all times.

9. You’re got mail

Starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, this movie goes from the duo going from Business rivals, Joe and Kathleen respectively to falling in love online. However, the twist here is that they do not know that they are their online love interests in real life. This movie captures the New York city fall vibes and will make a perfect rom-com movie for a date or a valentine’s day special.

10. The Proposal

Speaking of business rivals, this movie is another must - watch film where two business rivals need to constantly lie to their family regarding their relationship but in actuality, absolutely hate each other. The movie will definitely have you laughing at all times. It shows the character development between of both the characters between each other an individually. This movie is also another great rom-com for watching with your partner.

11. Bridget Jones’s Diary

Take the important tips from Bridget Jones for the famous ice cream under a blanket makes everything better phenomenon. This 2001 romantic comedy reveals what happens when Bridget decides to improve herself while looking for love simultaneously. Everything she does, she records it in her diary. If you are a fan of this movie, you can also watch the 2004 film Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason and 2016’s Bridget Jones’s Baby, both great sequels to the original film.

12. The Holiday

This movie is about two friends switching houses with someone across town and going on a holiday to an unknown place and experience love, romance, friendship and culture. This movie portrays love and life in the most realistic way possible which makes this film, yet another wholesome movie.

13. Legally Blonde

Not only is this movie a great rom-com but also, quite an interesting life inspiration. This 2001 movie starring Elle Woods is one of the most iconic movies of all time. This movie is about a sorority girl, Elle Woods, goes to Harvard to study law after her boyfriend dumps her for being too stupid. Her boyfriend also happens to be in the same university. This movie shows Elle’s journey through University, fitting in and how her being herself makes her one of the best students at Harvard. After watching this movie, it is physically impossible to not love the main character Elle Woods.

14. When Harry Met Sally

When it comes to romantic comedies, Meg Ryan takes the throne. She has made multiple movies for an ideal night in with your partner. This movie shows the evolution of Harry and Sally who have known each other for a long time but do not want to cross the friendship-relationship line. Their bond is unbreakable and even you as a viewer will die for them to get together. This movie has one of the best couple pairings of all time.

By Meena Atmakuri

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