Places to avoid on first dateRelationship

October 20, 2014 07:33
Places to avoid on first date},{Places to avoid on first date

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Are you meeting this special person for a first date? Great! Plan the date meticulously as it will decide whether you get to meet the person on a second date. And if things work out it could be the beginning of a long term relationship. Most important aspect of a first date is the venue. Choose the place where you will meet for the first date with wisdom as it could make or break your future chances with her.

The first date can be stressfull - you have to look good, talk right, sound interesting and most importantly make an impression on her. Some places are so not appropriate for a first date. Here are some places you should avoid if you want to make your first date successful.

Dinner date

Many feel a dinner date is perfect for a first date. But think again. It may not be such a good idea. On the surface it seems to be the best way to impress her - a fancy restaurant with exotic dishes on its menu. But it could also be that the two of you have nothing more to talk about. Finishing the dinner will be a tedious task. And what about the huge bill after dinner. It's best to splurge on your partner, but nothing can be said about a first date – it may or it may not work. Why waste money?

Movie date

Most couples favour movie theatres for their first date. But going for a movie the first time you go out with her is not advisable. While there is nothing wrong in a movie date. But the first date is a meeting to  to talk and know each other. If you go to a movie theatre, you may not talk much as both of you would be distracted. Also you will not be able to find out if the two of you share something special. Stay away from a movie theatre, especially on a first date.

Favourite bar

You want to project a positive image about yourself and your favourite bar seems to be the best bet. But the place will have quite a few friends as it's your home turf. Someone or the other will always be coming up to you and say 'Hi'. In other words, your conversations with her will get repeatedly interrupted. So "do not" take her to your favourite bar.

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