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October 18, 2014 08:12
Jazz up your relationship},{Jazz up your relationship

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Within few years of marriage or relationship the spark seems to have gone out of it. This is mainly because both the partners begin to follow a routine life, which becomes boring very soon. The partners have not fallen out of love. It's just that the relationship has become mundane.

A relationship becomes mundane after few years of togetherness. So make it interesting by adding some romance to it. Adding a touch of romance into your relationship will make it feel like you courtship days. Spicing up your relationship doesn't need too much time. You just needs some planning.

Recreate the magic of your dating days

Remember the good old dating dates, when life felt so magical. Recreate the romance of your dating days by doing things you did at that time. Imagine you have just started dating each other and behave like you did then. Snatch time in between work for a 10 minutes meeting with your spouse. After all these years it may seem funny, but it can add spice to your relationship.

Get romantic

Rekindle your romance by acting as if you are still dating. Go for dates to a candle light dinner. If you don't want to go out create the ambience at home. Remember to dress up accordingly and feel the excitement. If possible book a room in a hotel for only the two of you. Feel free to do anything that is likely to bring back the excitement for both of you. These dating acts will definitely add a spark to your relationship.

Road trips

Plan a short trip to a nearby area with your partner/spouse during weekends. Take a road trip to get a different experience. The journey itself will make the trip interesting and spice up your relationship.

Alternatively you can send romantic texts to your spouse in between work or giving a tight hug before leaving for office to rekindle the romance in your marriage.

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