Signs that your boyfriend is using youRelationship

October 14, 2014 07:41
Signs that your boyfriend is using you},{Signs that your boyfriend is using you

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Great relationship between partners is not a coincidence. Your relationship is best when it's based on some sort of equality with your partner. Both the partners have to contribute emotionally as well as financially for a healthy relationship. Sharing problems as well as the expenditure incurred together is an important part of a relationship. If there is disbalance in the relationship, it's an indication that a break-up is imminent.

Here are a few warning signs that tell you if your boyfriend is serious about the relationship.

You always pay on dates

Do you always end up paying the bill whenever you go out together? Does your partner pay bills only on rare occassions even though he has no financial problem. Going dutch on a date is ok, but if he never pays the bill then it's not alright. It's a sign that he's non-seriousness about the relationship and using you.

You pay his personal bills

Have you been paying his personal bill? Yes. Then it's the greatest sign that your partner is using you. If your partner is not capable of paying his own bills then it's best to walk out of this relationship. Your boyfriend is definitely not serious about you, so the relationship will end sooner or later.

Meets you only when he needs you

Does your boyfriend meet you when you ask him? Or is it only at times he wants to meet you. The reason for the meeting is that he needs you for some reason and not because he misses you. He needs your help over monetary problems or an advise. Be warned of such men, just stay away from them. The person is using you without doubt. It's best to end the relationship at once.

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