Men love to gossip, it's provenRelationship

July 29, 2013 12:51
Men love to gossip, it's proven},{Men love to gossip, it's proven

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If you thought that it was only the fairer sex who love to gossip, you couldn't be more sexist. In fact, our male counterparts equally enjoy an earful. Surprised? Read on.

Yes, gossip isn't just a woman's forte! A recent study, flouting the age-old myth, revealed that men love to talk nasty and “bitch”. In fact, they draw as much pleasure from back-fence talk as we women.

Agreeing totally to it, former VJ, actress and model Sushma Reddy says, "Men actually talk nasty when they gossip. When their tittle-tattle comes out in the open, it can be more damaging than a woman's. If you really want to hear what they talk, you should go to their get-togethers. They can be really vicious."

In fact, big screen vamp Kashmira Shah opines that men make bigger, better gossipers than women.  "Men love to gossip and shop, more than women do. I have not seen even a single man who doesn't indulge in juicy gossip. A woman will never talk about her one-night stand easily even to her close friend but a man will proudly brag about it to his friends after two drinks," she says.

Men, on the surface, vouch against it and even flak their feminine counterpart for doing so. But the truth is deeper than what meets the eye.

Dipankar Dey, a lecturer who has a gang of  female friends, explains, "Men love to pretend to be Mr Cool but in reality, they are equally inquisitive to know who their old friend is dating nowadays."

However, a few men disagree to ir. "It is a very individual thing. I generally don't think guys gossip as much as girls do. They generally talk about work or some general things. They hardly get into each other's personal life or talk of things which are too personal," confirms television actor Eijaz Khan.

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