Please don't retire from your work!Relationship

May 18, 2013 10:56
Please don't retire from your work!

A new study has revealed the factor that retirement has a harmful impact on both mental and physical health over time, therefore they say: work longer, live healthier.

Furthering with the aspects of the study which was obtained by the Institute of Economic Affairs and the Age Endeavour Fellowship, that although initially there may be a small bounce in health, over the medium-longer term retirement causes a drastic decline in health therefore the study recommended that the government should help people work longer and raise the state pension ages.

The study, titled “Work Longer, Live Healthier intends to explain the Relationship Between Economic Activity, Health And Government Policy which they continued saying that retirement declines the likelihood of being in “very good” or “excellent” self-assessed health by about 40 percent, while it elevates the probability of suffering from clinical depression by 40 percent and the probability of having at least one diagnosed physical condition by about 60 percent. As a reason now there happen to be general agreement that state pension ages should be raised while the government should take stronger action in this case and also undergo deregulation in labour markets.

Philip Booth, editorial and programme director at the Institute of Economic Affairs emphasized on the fact that working for longer hours will not only be an economic necessity, yet also helps people to live healthier lives. As a matter of shock, in the past 50 years, there has been a drastic drop in the employment rate among older men in Britain resulting with the impact of severe collapse in the employment rate among men aged 60-64 from around 80 percent to 50 percent between 1968 and the end of the 1990s as well as for those aged 65-69, it declined to half from 30 percent to about 15 percent. This incident is definitely a horrific alarm for the humankind to wake up with realization that a good healthier life can only be sustained if one manages with longer working hours.

There are lots of advantages to stay healthier!

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