Work Permit of H1b Visa Holder’s Spouses Will Be RefusedImmigration

November 11, 2019 12:20
Work Permit of H1b Visa Holder’s Spouses Will Be Refused

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Trump has started to work on banning the work permit for spouses of H-1B visa holders. This was thought about in 2017 and this change will impact the job of Indians in the US.

Earlier in the year 2015, the H-4 visa was given to spouses of the H-1B visa holders inorder to get employed and this document authorizes them to work in the US.

The main idea to have this rule of H-4 visa earlier was to retain good skill in the US market. Further, in February 2015, work permit was given to the spouses of H1B visa holders who were waiting for the green card. The Department Of Homeland Security wants to change this rule and improvise on its regulation.

The proposal of banning the H4 EAD was putforth by the US Government on May 22nd and had a strong explanation to the proposal. They believe, this proposal will give equal job opportunities to American citizens just as the H4 holders have.

Looking at the good in H4 EAD, all the women engineers have benefited from it the most. Statistics says, 90% of the 1,20,000 visas were taken by the women.

Since 2017, after Trump’s presidency, rules have got stringent and this has impacted India the most. Majorly, the Indians have been booming in their IT services and doing good for the US technology companies. Now the visa holders who are looking for an extension in their visas and they aren’t getting approved.

The judges made an observation that this will increase chances for the H1B visa holders to stay back in the US.

By Neha Makhija

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